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the classic

Strong, simple, and easy to match with your favorite Vera Bradley pattern. These lanyard wristlets are perfect for attaching to your wallet pouch, keys, or both!

the twizzle

This nostalgic knot is a throw back to the friendship bracelets I would make non stop during summer camp. The rounded design is more flexible than the classic and can be customized with up to seven different colors.



The best way to add a happy splash to any backpack, purse, set of keys, or dashboard is with one of these cheerful pals. The color combinations are virtually endless and these can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes as well (Trust me, itty bitty rainbows never fail to produce happy thoughts).

more coming soon. please check back later!

plant hangers

the square knot

This plant hanger can be monochromatic or as colorful as you'd like!  Choose one color for a classic square knot hanger, two for a spiced up version that features a separately colored center and borders, or choose up to eight colors for a fun asymmetric statement piece.

more coming soon. please check back later!